10 Tips to show off a perfect manicure

Not only the hair and the body are affected by the heat and the constant stress of the sun, the sea salt and pool chlorine, even the nails and hands are subjected to these traumas that sometimes result in dryness both hands and cuticles that the nails themselves and breakage or flaking. How to remedy this? COn these 10 tips, perseverance and patience surely your manicure will return to be flawless even in summer on the beach.

    10 Tips to show off a perfect manicure
  1. When you need to change the nail polish, after removal and before moving on to do nail care to your nails a bath oil, lemon, bicarbonate and / or salt, which serves to make them stronger, the remineralizes and bleaching.
  2. Do not neglect your cuticles, also take care of this part is key, used apporisit products as a oil for cuticles and push cuticles, or the simple wooden sticks.
  3. Even the nails need to eliminate dead cells, then a scrub is useful. Many are those marketed by the most low cost to those in the kit.
  4. Hydrate as possible, hands and nails are not affected by dry winter only so it is good practice to use creams, especially with ingredients like cocoa butter or shea, or essential oils like argan or jojoba oil to help keep the skin soft and moisturized avoiding so the appearance of cuticles.
  5. The nail polish remover is critical how important is the solvent that is used. We must avoid using solvents with ingredients such as: acetone, methanol, MEK and isopropyl Alchol.
  6. As with many things the power is also important for the nails, then equilbrata a diet rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins is the beginning to have stronger nails.
  7. In everyday life, without realizing it you can make moves that endanger the life and strength of our nails, do not kick up tabs or thin metal or plastic with only the use of the nail, not tamburellatele against the surfaces, and obviously not eat or chew nails and not tear away the cuticle. Would all traumas that would compromise the health of your nails.
  8. It's summer, and if you are in contact with the water for a long time even the nails can weaken, so do not hold your fingers submerged in water for too long, or if for reasons of force majeure can not help it wear gloves.
  9. When proceed with manicure always remember to polish your nails regularly.
  10. Use bases and specific products to strengthen nails, in the market there are many bases or reinforcing anti flaking, or filler to make the perfect nails and prepare them for manicure.