Sponge cake with curd cream

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Cooking time: 2h 30m
Person: 10 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Sponge cake with curd cream

Sponge cake with curd cream - Delightfully delicious milk-curd dessert. It turns out very tender, light and fluffy, not only due to the amazing test, but also due to the gentle, air curd cream. The cake is very simple to prepare, and the important thing is that thanks to the curd, which is the main ingredient of the cream, it is also useful. Quickly cook the pastries and treat it not only children but also adults.

Ingredients for sponge cake with curd cream:

For the dough:

Eggs 6 items
Sugar 150-180 grams
vanilla Sugar taste
Semolina 200 grams
Milk 300 grams
Salt on the tip of a knife
Vegetable oil for the lubrication of the form

For the cream:

Cottage cheese 250 grams
Sour cream 20% fat 250 grams
Sugar 6 tablespoons
Gelatin instant 1.5 tablespoons
Purified water 50 ml
vanilla Sugar 1 tsp

For the glaze:

Butter 30 grams
Sugar -1/2 cup taste
Cocoa powder 3 tablespoons
Milk 1 tablespoon


Knife Bowl - 2 pieces, mixer, table spoon, bakeware, baking paper, oven, pot holders, grille, flat dish feed fork, Cooker, Pan - 2 pieces, gauze, Refrigerator, Food film, Confectionery syringe, brush Confectionery

Preparation of sponge cake with curd cream:

Step 1: Prepare the egg.

separate the yolks from the whites

With the help of a kitchen knife split the shells of eggs and separate the yolks very carefully from the protein. Then pour two egg component to different capacity available: Chicken egg yolk pour into a free bowl and chicken protein - in mixer bowl. Beat whites need to completely clean and dry container.

Step 2: preparing the dough.

whisk the egg whites until peaks

In a mixing bowl add the protein on the tip of a knife salt, thanks to this component of the protein ingredient is whipped faster. The mixer is switched on low speed, beat and protein for 3-4 minutes. When on the surface of the container will form bubbles, increase the speed of the appliance to the medium speed, and continue whisking protein mass yet 2-3 minutes. During this time, the protein acquires a fluffy white. During whipping protein component in the mixer bowl add sugar. After this time we turn on high speed, beat and protein as long as there will be protein resistant solid peaks. If you turn the container upside down and the protein mass will not spill out of the cup, then the protein ingredient ready.
mix the yolks with semolina

Then, in a bowl with the yolks pour the vanilla sugar and granulated sugar. Using a tablespoon, carefully rub the yolks with sugar "white hot", to form a white mass. Then slowly and in small portions in the same bowl add the semolina and thoroughly mix all the ingredients until smooth.
knead the dough

After - gradually and in small portions to the resulting mass enter the beaten egg whites and very gently knead them after each addition. The dough consistency is obtained as a very thick cream.

Step 3: preparing a sponge cake.

sponge cake

The bottom and sides of the baking dish was covered with parchment paper. Then, using pastry brush evenly grease baking paper with vegetable oil and lightly flour pritrushivaem. Pour the batter into the pan and using a tablespoon distribute it across the surface so that the biscuit mass at the edges slightly rose 1 centimeter, then after baking biscuit cake will have a smooth surface, and the middle, does not rise too much and will not burst. After that, we put the form with the dough in a preheated oven at a temperature 180 ° C. Bake cake in a temperature range within 35-40 minutes. After this time, using the kitchen oven gloves are removing from the oven and pour the milk biscuit dough. Munk, located in the test due to dairy ingredients will absorb the liquid and this cake will turn out incredibly tender. We form again put in the oven and bake at the same temperature for a further 15-20 minutes. Willingness to check the sponge cake with a toothpick or by pressing their hands on the cake. If you press the dough will come back quickly, not primnetsya means - our pastry is ready. Then turn off the oven and using oven gloves kitchen pull out a form with Korzh from the oven. Ready cake to cool down to a temperature 35 ° -37 ° C in the shape of. After that very carefully shift the cake on the grill.

Step 4: Prepare the cheese.

grind curd

Curd we shift to a free bowl with a fork mash it well. Attention: if the cheese ingredient is coarse, then it is better to rub it through a sieve, so there was no lumps.

Step 5: Prepare the gelatin.

dissolve gelatin in hot water

To prepare the cream can be used in gelatin powder or plates. If the ingredient is used in the form of plates, then soak it in the first cold boiled water. If we are using gelatin powder, then dissolve it in warm water. Once an ingredient is dissolved in a liquid, put a small saucepan on the burner cooker and gently heated it on a very low heat stirring continuously using a tablespoon to a temperature 60 ° -80 ° C, and then filter the solution through cheesecloth. Attention: gelatin can not be boiled. In this case, it thickens. If our ingredient we will immediately fill with hot water, then most likely, it can stick together and it may appear lumps.

Step 6: prepare the cream cheese.

We mix all the ingredients for curd cream

In a bowl with grated cheese add the sour cream, sugar and vanilla sugar. Using a tablespoon mix well all the ingredients and then the resulting mixture is poured into a mixing bowl. On medium speed, beat until smooth mass. Then add in the same capacity of prepared gelatin and stir all well again. Jar with cream put in the refrigerator 10 minutes. Then pull out a bowl of cream from the refrigerator and stir again our ingredient mixer. When the cream is ready, we put it back in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Step 7: prepare chocolate glaze.

cook a chocolate glaze

In a small saucepan we shift all the ingredients for making chocolate: milk, sugar, butter and cocoa powder. We put this capacity over medium heat and bring to a boil. Then fasten the heat to low and using a tablespoon mix well all the ingredients until sugar is dissolved. Turn off the burner, and the capacity set aside to the side. Warning: use chocolate frosting you need more hot, as it quickly hardens. Therefore, first smear cakes curd cream, and when the cake will infuse in the refrigerator, prepare the chocolate glaze.

Step 8: prepare the sponge cake with curd cream.

lubricates cakes curd cream

The cooled cake with the help of a kitchen knife cut in half lengthwise. Lower the cake spread on a flat dish. Using a tablespoon, evenly from top to put on a cream cheese cake. Then gently cover with a second biscuit Korzh. Top cake lubricates our cream ingredient with a thin layer. After - sponge cake with curd cream cover with cling film and put in the refrigerator 30-40 minutes.
completely cover the cake frosting

After this time, we pull out the pastry from the refrigerator and immediately, using a tablespoon, evenly coated with the top and sides of cake with hot chocolate.
mesh put on cake chocolate coating

If you wish, you can decorate the pie a little differently: in confectionery syringe pour the glaze, and then use this equipment on top of the biscuit plot the mesh or other patterns of chocolate.

Step 9: Post sponge cake with curd cream.

sponge cake with curd cream

Before serving cake should at least brew 1 hour a refrigerator so it is well soaked cream. Note: If you put it before serving biscuits in the refrigerator overnight, then in the morning the cake will be much tastier. We took out the cake from the refrigerator and, using a kitchen knife, cut it into pieces a la carte. Serve cake with curd cream to the dessert table.
Enjoy your meal!

Tips to the recipe:

- To prepare the cream is very important to use fresh gelatin. Overdue gelatin can spoil not only the cream, but all the dish.

- To prepare the sponge cake is best to use a whole and not split mold.

- If you want your pastry has acquired a chocolate brown color, place the dough in a little cocoa powder.

- At the request of the cream cheese can add chopped walnuts, prunes, dried apricots or fresh berries.

- Korzh cake does not need to be impregnated, and so they get a bit wet and dairy.

- In addition to the vanilla sugar in the dough, as well as cream cheese, you can put other spices and baking of the pie will be much more fragrant.

- Keep the finished cake is only necessary in the refrigerator.