Sour cream cookies

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Cooking time: 40m
Person: 3
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

sour cream cookies

Surprisingly simple pastries, which you can please your family and friends on any weekday. After a long time you do not have to mess around in the kitchen, which is a huge plus for the majority of housewives. Tasty, tender cookies of the most affordable products will diversify the usual tea drinking. So, to quickly proceed to the preparation of aromatic pastry cream.

Ingredients for cooking cookies with sour cream:

Flour 450 grams
Sour cream 1.5 cups
Chicken egg 1 piece
Sugar 1 cup
Baking powder 1 tablespoon
Salt 1 teaspoon or to taste


    Kitchen brush
    Molds for pressing pastry or a glass beaker
    Metal blade
    Dish supply

    cookies with sour cream Preparation:

    Step 1: Prepare the flour.

    sift flour
    For lush baking without flour lumps, the first thing you need to sift the flour. So she get enough oxygen and we get the desired result. Set on a deep plate sieve, pour into it with small amounts of flour and sift.

    Step 2: preparing the dough.

    knead the dough
    Once we have all the required number sieved flour component, adding thereto baking powder and salt. With corolla mix them together until a uniform mixture. Then wash the egg under running water from all sorts of pollution. Divide the shell and pour the egg in a bowl. Then add to it the cream and sugar. And start whisking vigorously until then, until the sugar crystals do not dissolve completely. The creamy liquid gradually pour the dry mixture while stirring constantly whisk.
    knead the dough
    Once it will be difficult to knead the dough stock, go to sleep flat surface a little flour, and passed on to her dough. Knead until smooth his hands.

    Step 3: form the cookies.

    roll out the dough
    Next treat flour rolling pin and begin to stretch the dough in a thickness of about 1 centimeter. From the formation of the finished special cookie cutters or squeezing figures if those are not available, a simple glass. Trim join together, knead again and roll out with a rolling pin. Once we have formed of the entire test future cookies, proceed directly to the baking.

    Step 4: Bake cookies.

    bake cookies
    The oven is heated to a temperature 200 - 220 degrees Celsius. With the help of a kitchen brush lubricates the bottom of the pan with vegetable oil. And accurately decompose test circles on a baking cookies during baking to increase slightly in size, this place about 2 centimeters between them. Later in the preheated oven and remove the biscuits baking 15 - 20 minutes. After turning off the oven and helping yourself kitchen oven gloves, pull out the pan. Hot biscuits leave to cool for a while and after using metal blades separate the pastries, putting it in a nice bowl for feeding.

    Step 5: Post a cookie cream.

    sour cream cookies
    Cookies served at room temperature. You can decorate with powdered sugar or chocolate glaze. Brew fresh fragrant tea or coffee, and warm the milk and pastries can be served to children. You blink and do not have time, as the plate is empty, but rather the person will be asked to supplement. Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - For the whipping test, you can use a mixer.

    - - Biscuits turn even more delicious if the dough add the chocolate drops, raisins or any nuts.

    - - For a richer flavor, the dough can add any citrus peel, powdered cinnamon, liquid vanilla extract or vanilla. The last component to be added in very small quantities, as an overabundance can give baking bitter taste.

    - - Flour is best to use the highest grade wheat, fine grinding and proven brands. Because of its quality of the final result will depend.

    - - If you have baking paper, the bottom of the pan is best to lay it.