Roll «Bounty»

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Cooking time: 3h
Person: 6 servings
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Roll & quot; Bounty & quot;

Do you want to deliver to its guests "heavenly delight"? Prepare gentle and stunningly delicious strudel "Bounty"! This recipe is very simple, it will acquire even those who are just beginning to comprehend the wonders and cooking challenges. Roll "Bounty" is perfect for the festive table for dessert. The major advantage, in addition to a stunning taste is that it does not require baking dish. So just imagine how much you can save on this time!

Ingredients for meatloaf "Bounty":

Biscuits (butter, unscented) 200 g
Granulated sugar 1 table. a spoon
Cocoa powder - 2 table. spoons
The water is clean 0.5 cups
Butter 70 g
Powdered sugar 50 g
Chips of coconut (white) 100 g


    Big spoon
    Blender, mixer
    A bowl
    food Film

    Preparation Roll "Bounty":

    Step 1: Prepare the ingredients.

    We grind the cookies into crumbs
    We reach all the necessary products from the refrigerator and cupboards and lay in front of him. We need hot water, so we need to put a warm tea, and while it begins to boil, we will turn the cookies into crumbs. For this we need a blender, but you can grind cookies in another way, such as food wrap film and potoloch rolling pin. So, baby is ready, so you can start, because the rest of the ingredients do not require pre-treatment!

    Step 2: Prepare the dough for the rolls.

    Dissolve sugar in water
    If the kettle has boiled, pour the right amount of water in a deep plate. Pour into it the sugar and stir until it dissolves.
    Prepare the dough for rolls
    In another dish mix the crumbs of biscuits with cocoa powder. Stir thoroughly to uniformly distribute the ingredients. Gradually we begin to pour sweet hot water, while continuing stirring. When, a uniform homogeneous mass of all the components - this means that the dough is ready!

    Step 3: Prepare cream roll.

    Beat butter with powdered sugar
    To prepare a delicious and delicate cream, we need a mixer or blender. In the bowl lay out a little longer softened butter and icing sugar. And sugar can be used, but in this embodiment you take a little longer. because it is less soluble. Beat butter with the icing sugar into a homogeneous mass, then add coconut and mix well with a spoon. We have prepared a delicious, thick and sweet cream.

    Step 4: Prepare the roll "Bounty".

    Grease the dough with cream
    On the table spread a plastic wrap and lay out all of the cookie dough. Align it properly with a spoon, to the entire length of a roll to obtain a thickness of about 7-8 millimeters. Put the dough on top of a gentle and uniform layer of cream. Carefully smear it on all the length of the test and then begin to roll to fold.
    We turn off the roll
    When everything is ready, remove the roll a freezer, that it stood as it should. This will require about 2-3 hours.

    Step 5: We serve ready to roll "Bounty".

    Cut the roll into pieces and We serve guests
    If the roll is completely frozen, and the guests are waiting, not wait for tea, it's time to apply roll "Bounty" to the table. Carefully remove the plastic wrap, roll cut into small slices and breadth We serve with tea or other beverages. You can decorate the finished roll with icing sugar or coconut. It is tasty and tender dish will appeal to all and will be remembered for a long time, and you proslyvёte experienced and skilful cook! Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - The longer roll is in the freezer, so it becomes more delicious, so if you can hold it longer, use it.

    - - The amount of added sugar in the roll depends on the sweetness of cookies, so before cooking, try it for taste.

    - - In the roll center, you can add a layer of nuts.

    - - Roll dough can be prepared by another method. There are many variations of the preparation of this dish, but I led the most accessible and interesting.

    - - Instead of butter biscuits can be used shortbread and even ordinary vanilla biscuits.