Muffins with chocolate filling

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Cooking time: 45m
Person: 12 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Muffins with chocolate filling

Muffins with chocolate filling - Everyone's favorite pastry, which is prepared very easy and always turns insanely delicious. My kids can only eat 4-5 cakes in one sitting. Therefore, I advise immediately to prepare pastries for the future to all enough. After all, on the basis of the ingredients listed in the recipe, it turns out 12 pieces, but it is not so much, especially for the sweet tooth, or for a large family! Enjoy and all the good mood!

Ingredients for muffins with chocolate filling:

Wheat flour 150 grams
Chicken egg 2 pieces
Milk 150 ml
paste chocolate 100g
Baking powder for the dough 1 tsp
Semolina 75 grams
Sugar 80 grams
Vegetable oil, refined 100 milliliters
Salt 1 pinch


High bowl - 2 pieces, strainer, teaspoon, tablespoon, oven, pot holders, cake pans, paper molds for cupcakes, dish feed mixer, kitchen knife

Preparation of muffins with chocolate filling:

Step 1: Prepare the flour mixture.

sift flour

A very important point in the preparation of cakes is to prepare flour. For a start it must be sifted, then it shall be satisfied with oxygen and get rid of unnecessary lumps. In addition, the dough will also "a great success": a gentle, airy and very tasty. So pour the flour into a sieve and sift directly above a dry medium bowl.
mix all the dry ingredients

Then add in the capacity of baking powder and salt and using a tablespoon, all mix well until smooth. All flour mixture is ready!

Step 2: prepare the egg-sugar mixture.

pour into a bowl and pour the sugar eggs

Using a knife, split the egg shells and yolk proteins pour into a free medium bowl. This also pour the sugar and, using an electric mixer, whisk all on medium speed until the ingredients until a homogeneous mass of lush.

Step 3: preparing the dough for muffins.

stir flour mixture with semolina

In a bowl with the flour mixture and pour the semolina using a tablespoon all carefully mix until uniform.
pour in the egg-sugar mixture milk

In a container of egg-sugar-weight thin stream pour the milk and whisk all in parallel with a mixer at low speed. At the end add the vegetable oil, and once again all mix well.
dough for muffins

Now small portions begin to pour the flour mixture into the bowl with the egg-sugar mass and parallel all whisk assistant inventory to avoid lumps appeared. Subsequently, we should get the batter.

Step 4: prepare muffins with chocolate filling.

pour into molds for cupcakes dough

The cake pans lay special paper container, and then pour the batter into each, using a tablespoon. Attention: We do not forget that during baking muffins will increase in size. Therefore, each mold will be sufficient 3 tablespoons. And add to the penultimate 1 teaspoon chocolate paste.
baked muffins

Now we turn on the oven and heats it to a temperature 180 °. Immediately afterwards, put the form on the average level and prepare cupcakes for 20-25 minutes. During this time they should be firm and acquire a beautiful golden color. At the end turn off the oven and pull out the container with the help of kitchen oven gloves and set aside to the side.

Step 5: Post muffins with chocolate filling.

Muffins with chocolate filling

When will warm muffins, right in the paper molds spread them on a special flat plate and serve a dessert buffet with tea or coffee.
Enjoy all the Tea Party!

Tips to the recipe:

- Before applying you can decorate muffins with icing sugar. In such an embodiment sure they completely cool, otherwise it will melt. There is also an option on top to decorate cupcakes with whipped cream or cream;

- Instead of the chocolate paste can take dark chocolate or "Nutella". In the penultimate version simply break the tile into small pieces and put them into each mold;

- To prepare a delicious lush dough using wheat white flour, finely ground and proven brand. Also, it is best to sift component 2-3, then the cupcakes are obtained virtually air and will melt in your mouth.