Cabbage pie «Otstanovitsya impossible»

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Cooking time: 1h 20m
Person: 6 servings
Complexity: Average

Cooking process

Cabbage pie & quot; Otstanovitsya impossible & quot;

Homemade pie with cabbage - a traditional family holiday meal. For a feast it is important to not only cakes were delicious and hearty, but also beautiful. Cabbage pie "unstoppable" fully justifies its name. The combination of dill, sesame cabbage and give a unique taste. Soft, fragrant, delicious, with a golden crust - the cake will be a real decoration of the festive table. And it is very easy to prepare!

Ingredients for cabbage pie "Otstanovitsya impossible":

Cabbage belokochannaya 500 gr.
Chicken egg 3 pieces
Sour cream (fat) 5 tablespoons
Mayonnaise 3 tablespoons
Wheat flour (the highest grade) 6 tablespoons
Salt taste
baking powder 2 teaspoons
fresh Dill 1/2 bunch
sesame seeds taste


    Cutting board
    Form for baking
    A bowl

    Cooking cabbage pie "Otstanovitsya impossible":

    Step 1: take cabbage.

    shinkuem cabbage
    Choosing cabbage, note that it is no brown spots on the leaves. Kochan has to be tight and pressure-sensitive, must not be deformed. Take the cabbage, wash it and shinkuem on a cutting board, cutting stalks. Then we shift it into a bowl, add some salt and Mnemonic lightly with clean hands. Crumpled cabbage will be faster and release more juice, and thus the cake will taste better. Add the shredded cabbage pre-washed and chopped fresh dill knife. All carefully mix a tablespoon and put aside.

    Step 2: preparing the dough.

    prepare the dough into the pie
    In a bowl, whisk chicken eggs whisk until smooth. Then add them fat sour cream, mayonnaise, baking powder to the test, all the salt and stir well again. Then take a sieve, sift flour, it is necessary to ensure that the cake has turned lush and quietly Pour into a bowl with beaten eggs, sour cream and mayonnaise, stirring constantly. Dough cabbage pie is ready!

    Step 3: Preparation for baking.

    We spread the cabbage and shape dough for baking
    Take a clean baking dish and vystelaem it with parchment paper. We spread in the form of shredded cabbage with a knife crushed dill and pour batter on top and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

    Step 4: bake cabbage cake.

    bake cake
    Put the form with cabbage pie in the preheated oven and bake 30 minutes, at a temperature 180 - 200 degrees, until golden brown. Cabbage pie "can not be stopped" is ready!

    Step 5: Post a cabbage pie "can not be stopped."

    cabbage pie can not be stopped
    Cut the cake into pieces and serve with sour cream, mayonnaise or ketchup, but you can with any other sauce to taste. Serve the dish can be both hot and cold. Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - Before baking the cake thing - it is to heat the oven. When poorly heated oven cake can fall off.

    - - To cake was glossy, lubricate it with white. You can use a special culinary pen.

    - -To Dough is not stuck to the tray or the shape of the surface should be lubricated with oil or grease. You can also use baking paper.

    - - If you want a cake that does not stick to the baking sheet and keep the volumes, you can use a disposable aluminum molds.