Baked cheese and sour cream

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Cooking time: 1h 30m
Person: 8 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Baked cheese and sour cream

Baked cheese and sour cream - This is all a favorite dish that has long since won their exquisite taste and aroma of the whole world, and especially fans of dairy products. Preparing this dessert is relatively easy, so it can make even the most young and inexperienced hostess. The main thing that you have at hand proved desirable cottage cheese with sour cream, semolina, raisins and a little good mood. It was then that all will turn out!

Ingredients for cooking casseroles of cottage cheese and sour cream:

Cottage cheese 500 grams
Sour cream 5 tablespoons
Semolina 2 tablespoons
Eggs 1-3 pieces
Sugar 3 tablespoons
vanilla Sugar 1 tsp
Seedless raisins 50 grams
Butter 1 tablespoon
Salt 1 small pinch


Dining, spoon, teaspoon, deep bowl, large bowl, sieve, small bowl, kitchen paper towels, plug, deep baking dish, oven, pot holders, dish for feeding, kitchen knife

Cooking casserole cottage cheese and sour cream:

Step 1: Prepare the raisins.

Raisins pour hot water

Raisins lay in a sieve and wash under running warm water several times. Then we move it into a deep bowl and pour boiling water completely. Let stand up 20 minutes aside. During this time, dried fruits swell and become soft.
After the allotted minutes, gently pour out the water, and raisins are passed on to kitchen paper towels. The component must be completely dry.

Step 2: Prepare the sour cream mixture.

mix semolina with sour cream

In a small bowl pour semolina and pour 3 tablespoons sour cream. Thoroughly mix a tablespoon of all, leave the mixture 30-50 minutes alone as long as it does not swell.

Step 3: Prepare the cheese.

grind curd through a sieve

Cottage cheese spread in a clean, dry and sieve, pressing tablespoon, grind directly over a deep bowl. This must be done in order to become a component of uniform consistency and without clear grains.

Step 4: prepare a casserole of cottage cheese and sour cream.

mix all the ingredients for casseroles

In a bowl with grinded curd add sour cream mixture, vanilla and regular sugar and salt. Now, using a knife, split the egg shells and yolk proteins also pour in total capacity. Use a fork carefully stir everything up until we do not have a homogeneous mass.
Next, add the raisins in a bowl and stir again all improvised equipment.
Put the cottage cheese in a baking dish

The bottom wall and a deep baking dish grease with a small piece of butter. We spread the cottage cheese here and be sure to flatten it a tablespoon to the casserole turned out beautiful. At the end of lubricates the surface of the remaining sour cream and can include the oven.
When it is warmed up to a temperature 180 °, put the form on the average level of the dish and bake for 40-45 minutes. During this time, it must be solid and covered with golden browned crust. Once the pudding will fit this description, immediately turn off the oven and pull out a container of it with the help of kitchen oven gloves and set aside to the side. The dish must be cool completely.

Step 5: Post a casserole of cottage cheese and sour cream.

casserole cottage cheese and sour cream

When the pudding has cooled, gently shift it to a special flat plate and serve for dessert or dinner table with sauces such as topping, jam, condensed milk, honey and sour cream. Since the dish is quite satisfying, they can easily entertain friends and households for breakfast or dinner with tea or coffee.
Enjoy your meal!

Tips to the recipe:

- To give the casserole a spicy acidity in the curd mass, you can add lemon zest and citrus fruit juice;

- Milled curd is possible not only with a sieve. Also suitable grinder with a fine grid or blender;

- Addition of raisins in a casserole can add candied fruit, dried apricots, prunes, as well as fresh berries and chopped fruit (peaches, apples, pears, and more at your discretion);

- If you whip the egg yolks and whites, and then gently introduce the latest in cottage cheese separately, casserole get much softer and airier than usual.