Recipe Tramezzino three flavors

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Category Appetizers
préparation: 30 min.
difficulté: low

Cooking process


The sandwich to the three flavors is a delicious bread flavored with three colored creams that besides being very tasteful also make it very nice to look at. In this recipe, the creams are flavored with salmon, pesto and herbs, but everyone can choose according to their own tastes and according to the ingredients available with what “to color” the creams that alternate with layers of bread. The same advice goes for the bread we used whole wheat bread and the white one, but everyone can do the like.
The sandwich to the three flavors is the’ideal to be served in a buffet service or to accompany a light lunch.


Ingredients for the cream with salmon
Smoked salmon 100 g
ricotta cheese 150 g
Tomato concentrate 2 tablespoons
Fine salt q.s.
For the cream with herbs
Fresh Cream Cheese 250 g
Parsley chopped 2 tablespoons
Thyme chopped 2 tablespoons
Chives chopped 2 tablespoons
For the cream with pesto
ricotta cheese 200 g
Pesto sauce 180 g
For bread
White bread 6 slices
wholemeal sandwich bread 6 slices


Sandwich three flavors

First prepare the creams. In a blender put the salmon (1), add the ricotta and tomato paste (2), and so you get the cream salmon (3) and set aside.

Sandwich three flavors

Then proceed with the mousse with herbs, finely chopped herbs (4), add them fresh cheese spread (5-6) and stir well to mix everything thoroughly.

Sandwich three flavors

Then prepare the filling with pesto (7) by adding it to still well blended cottage cheese (8). Once you prepare the creams, go to assemble the layers of bread. Cut the crusts from the slices of bread both from slices of white bread (9)

Sandwich three flavors

both from those of wholemeal bread (10) and place it on the bottom of a mold for plum (11) of the measuring 26x9x7 cm, better if openable, then spread the cream with salmon (12)

Sandwich three flavors

well leveled using a spatula (13) and close with the white sandwich bread slices (14), then spread the cream with the herbs proceeding as for the first layer (15),

Sandwich three flavors

then refit again with the full white bread (16) and proceed with the composition of’last layer with cream pesto (17). Cover with the’ulitimo white sandwich bread layer. To completely cover the surface of the loaf pan cut a slice in strips of thickness (18)

Sandwich three flavors

that will serve to cover the entire surface of the loaf pan (19). Then cover the bread with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator in the coldest part for at least 2-3 hours, or in the freezer for about half an’Now, so the mold and cut into slices.


If you have a mold for plum opening, a classic loaf pan lined with baking paper, so it will be easier to pull out your sandwich to the three flavors more easily.