Boats and roses ham and figs

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personnes: 4 people
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Cooking process

Boats and roses ham and figs

The boats and roses ham and figs  I am a simple and very delicious appetizer to also prepare at the last minute to delight your guests with style and simplicity. fresh prosciutto and figs is one of the preferred combinations of summer; fresh, light and very digestible, the combination of the sweetness of the figs and the flavor of the ham (even if chosen in the sweet quality) creates a perfect mix of flavors, that teases the palate of even the most skeptical.

The boats and roses of ham and figs are a simple recipe, light and fresh for the table in September, when you can take advantage of this delicious fruit, which allows a combination of sweet and salty tastes very pleasant.

The boats and roses ham and figs are particularly tasty for their appearance, a little 'unusual, but very impressive. This Appara as one of the more elaborate appetizers to which you have never put your hand, yet it is much simpler than you can imagine: a little 'fantasy and your "usual" dish will take on a whole new look!

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How to make boats and roses ham and figs

The boats and roses ham and figs are an easy and delicious appetizer, particularly suited to the month of September, with the arrival of seasonal fresh figs.

Ingredients for 4 people)

200 grams of ham
8 figs
250 grams of mozzarella

Tools used

long wooden toothpicks


    To prepare the boats and roses ham and figs started to wash the figs gently under running water and then tamponateli with kitchen paper.
    Boats and roses ham and figs

For Rose.

    4 figs cut into quarters, without reaching up to the base, in this way will be opened at the center remaining attached to the base.
    Boats and roses ham and figs
    Then settle in the middle a slice of ham, rolled up on itself like a little rose, with the trace of fat outward.
    Boats and roses ham and figs

For Barchette.

    The other 4 figs cut into quarters in dividing up the bottom.
    Boats and roses ham and figs
    Then take a slice of ham that you will roll as we did earlier (to form the rose) and again on itself, and infilzatela in a toothpick, which also infilzerete a mozzarella icing, to finish with the fig clove.
    Boats and roses ham and figs
    Arrange the figs and roses to those boats into a serving dish and your boats starter and roses Prosciutto and fig is ready to be served.
    Boats and roses ham and figs